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Company provides a range of services that meet all aspects of multimedia activities for all levels Emarket1ng's.

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Smartphone Applications

Development of digital world and a total invasion of internet in all spheres of life have created “smart phones” a necessity of modern day life, instead of a luxury.  Over 30% of internet searches is made through smart phones and tablets and due to the widespread availability of “smart devices”, this percentage will surely rise rapidly. Immensely popular smart phone applications will make Your product/service just a click away from Your clients.

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Music Studio

Professional equipment and personnel with extensive experience in all fields of music production can meet the most demanding projects. Studio is specialized for music arranging, recording, sound editing and audio mastering for TV, Film, Multimedia, PC games, music mastering (pop, folk and specific music projects).

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Designing, planning, programming and presenting multimedia content. The service is professional, fast and with quality. Using latest software and design solutions. Multimedia is the best promotional material for trade shows, conferences etc… It is Your complete presentation! Besides, it is cheaper than printed materials and providing much more information.

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Design and Printing

Along with the message and communication with client, packaging is equally important in marketing. Packaging, Our Design & Printing department is in charge of content packing, highlighting marketing messages and clients‘presentation style. Clients‘visual identity makes the first impression on customer. To succeed in that  we have our printing department to support the designing sector in realization.

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Professional Presentation

With its appearance and dynamics PPT presentation can amazingly affect observers! Well packed products are sold thousands time better than those poorly packed, no matter how good they are. The same applies to the presentation of Your company, services, strategies… When 3D or animated elements are included in Your presentation, it becomes much more interesting and appealing to the viewer.

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Events management

Events Management is the ideal solution for creation and implementation of the perfect event You desire. We specialize in organizing all types of events: trade shows, unusual presentations, gala openings, promotional campaigns, unforgettable training seminars, corporate activities, various themed entertainment and other outdoor activities.

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Software and Database

Business software has become indispensable in almost every company today. If software or database is specifically designed to suite the needs of Your company, it will make Your work better and more efficient. Using universal modular software or open source solutions often does not result well. Emarket1ng.net is engaged in software engineering i.e., design and programming software and databases, including office software, clinics software, retail software, service program software to some complex statistical analysis software.

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3D presentations and Google Earth

Creating 3D presentations and models of objects, items, products…
3D Google Earth presentations– Add Your hotel, building, house, restaurant, sport facility, factory on Google Earth.
„Google Earth“ website shows satellite images of all countries and detailed maps of major World and European cities, and it is visited daily by some 350 million people.

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PC Games

Imagine a presentation of Your Company through PC game! The games we make can be used for promotional purposes and as a final product also. We are offering a wide range of genres and types.  All our games can be distributed both on CD and online. The games we make can be used for promotion and as a final product also. We offer PC game development of Your choice.

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Creating of Corporate Portals

Unlike traditional web sites that present your company or product on the web, web-portals whether general or specialized, offer visitors a wealth of useful information from different sources. Due to the diversity of information portals must be well organized, carefully grouped information, concise, understandable, reduced design, easy to navigate ...

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CD/DVD Replication

We are offering services of CD/DVD replication of all forms and formats in short and medium run.   From 100 to10 000 pieces. This type of service is very suitable for trade shows, seminars, presentations and so on… You don’t have to order large quantities of the same disc just to get a good price. We are also offering subsequent multiplication, printing on CD/DVD, changing of CD content with the same print.

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Creating of Master Control Panels

One of the new offerings under the e-marketin1ng.net company is the creation of the Master Control Panel for our customers. In one place, integrated all your communication channels in the E-world: websites, social networking applications for "smart" phones, a system for the exchange of documents, multimedia, newsletters, brochures and other web materials that are used for work within your company.

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Important information

False start and bad strategy can take your brand astray in e-world. The first steps are the most important and why you need the advice of experts.


01 Text, photo, video and multimedia material

02 Creative and professional strategy

03 Implementation and administration of e-marketing strategy

What is SEO?



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