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Company provides a range of services that meet all aspects of multimedia activities for all levels Emarket1ng's.

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The games we make can be used for promotional purposes and as a final product also. We are offering a wide range of genres and types. All our games can be distributed both on CD and online.

Game prices vary depending on complexity and scope of content and range from 3 000 € and up. For example, a 2D online arcade game, featuring main character and background You wish, with 12 levels, without change of screen appearance and levels costs 3 000 €. The same 50 level PC game, with inserted advertisements between levels, changes of content and appearance, costs from 8 000 € to 12 000 €.

In addition to classic PC games we are offering a making of encyclopedia, quiz and similar content Also we are offering development of completely new games without previously developed codes.


20 years of experience in game development.

A number of renowned companies from all continents : Videotop (Slovenia), Aladdin Multimedia (India), Fantasy Couriers (United Kingdom), Dunav Osiguranje (Serbia), GDT (Serbia), Stootsi Games (USA), Inca Gold (Switzerland) and many more...

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False start and bad strategy can take your brand astray in e-world. The first steps are the most important and why you need the advice of experts.


01 Text, photo, video and multimedia material

02 Creative and professional strategy

03 Implementation and administration of e-marketing strategy

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