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Smartphone Applications

Development of digital world and a total invasion of internet in all spheres of life have created “smart phones” a necessity of modern day life, instead of a luxury.  Over 30% of internet searches is made through smart phones and tablets and due to the widespread availability of “smart devices”, this percentage will surely rise rapidly. Immensely popular smart phone applications will make Your product/service just a click away from Your clients.


  • Faster access to the information.
  • Additional branding and presence in E-world
  • It is Your comprehensive mobile interactive presentation
  • The application can be even better if the focus is on promotion, catalogue of inspiration…

Through smart phone applications You can directly sell products and services. Various sales catalogues and payment options can be integrated in these apps. Also, online reservation systems for hotels and restaurants can be implemented. A variety of Document management and Project Management system can be programmed, as well as other aspects of project and regular communications.

Emaret1ng.net team has extensive experience in designing and programming even the most complex applications for Apple (iPhone/iPad) IOS and Android platforms, such as Payment Gateway systems of direct payment and banking transactions, but also in designing and programming interactive multimedia and related content.



01 Text, photo, video and multimedia material

02 Creative and professional strategy

03 Implementation and administration of e-marketing strategy

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